How do you paint a five o'clock shadow on a face?

By Shep Paine

A five o'clock shadow can add a great deal of character to the appearance of a "campaign worn" veteran, and is not too 
difficult to accomplish.

After you have finished painting the face as usual, add a bit of black or dark gray to your flesh shadow color and paint 
over the lower cheeks and upper lip. Add a dash of lighter gray to your highlight color and re highlight the chin and 
upper lip. Blend as necessary.

Be careful not to overdue it; a slight suggestion of a different color is enough to suggest a need for a shave. Look at 
your own beard in the mirror and notice that the hair usually doesn't grow in the corners by the nose or too close to the 
mouth. Because of the curve of the face, the stubble will appear darker in the folds and shadows of the face, in fact, 
often a suggestion of excessive darkness in these areas is enough to do the job.