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Friday Sept. 6: Joe Berton discusses Armored Cars in the Desert during WWI. Introduced on the Western Front, armoured cars were also used in East Africa, North Africa, Mesopotamia, and the Palestine campaigns. Joe will also present rarely seen photos of the armoured cars used in the Hejaz, in support of Lawrence and the Arab Revolt, as well as showing a variety of Rolls Royce armoured car kits now available for modelers.

Friday Oct. 4: Re-enacting the WWI bicycle-mounted infantry in Mespopotamia.

THE 45th ANNUAL MMSI CHICAGO SHOW 2019, Oct. 11 and 12: Click the show link above or here!

MMSI Club Painting Day, Saturday, Oct. 26, Oakton Community College (details coming soon!)

Friday Nov. 8 (second Friday): The Polish Lancers.

December Holiday Party: Date and location to be announced; stay tuned!


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