Thanks for registering your exhibits for the MMSI Chicago Show Online!

Please fill out an EXHIBITOR FORM for every category you have entered. Use as many EXTRA PAGES as needed. In order to fill out the forms, you should download the forms linked below to your computer. To download, depending on the Web browser you use, you may see an arrow icon on the upper right. You also can right click on the link and select "Save Link As." And yet another way to download is to open the file by clicking on the link, then, in the resulting tab, select "Save As" or "Save Page."There are many programs you can use to fill out the form. If you don't have a favorite already, install Adobe Reader by clicking HERE. Or, if you have trouble, you can just print out the form and fill it out the old-fashioned way, by hand.

Exhibitor Form

Exhibitor Form - Extra Page



Once you have downloaded and filled out your forms -- again, you need one for each category in which you have registered! -- print the completed forms on your home printer and bring them to the show. You will need this form three times during the course of the show:

1.) This form is the receipt you should to present at the door at the table marked CHECK IN FOR PREPAID AND PREREGISTERED EXHIBITORS. (The other table will be marked EXHIBITORS WALK-UP REGISTRATION.) Your form will be checked against the prepaid exhibitors list and you'll be waved inside to set up your exhibit.

2.) You will need to place this form, folded as noted on the print-out, by your exhibit in order for your work to be judged. Ushers will be present in the hall to help guide you to the proper tables for each category in which you have registered and to accommodate any needs for extra space; please follow their instructions, make your exhibit as tight as possible, and ask if you have questions!

3.) This is the form you will need to check out with your exhibits when the show is over.

Fear not: If your printer is on the fritz or you forget to bring the form, we will confirm that you have prepaid at the PREPAID AND PREREGISTERED EXHIBITORS table and you can then fill out the form by hand at the show in the modelers' hospitality lounge near registration. But save yourself the time and effort if you can and do it in advance!


Please take the time to fill out your form as completely as possible. The judges want to know and give you credit for all of the original work you have done. To that end, please note the following terms as defined in the Open System of Judging and provide as much information on the form as possible based on the following terms:

1.     Scratchbuilt: At least 75% of a figure is sculpted by the artist, with some minimal use of commercially available parts (weapons, modified heads, hands, etc.). Basically, the figure is the artist’s original conception.

2.     Major Conversion: A stock figure(s) formed the basis for the figure(s), but extensive anatomy, facial, clothing, and equipment re-sculpting was involved; approximately 50-75% of the piece is original.

3.     Minor Conversion: The majority (more than 50%) of the figure is stock, but some degree of re-working of the pose, facial hair, uniform, etc. was performed.

4.     Ordnance: This category is for all vehicles (armor, cars, ships, planes, spacecraft).

5.     Ordnance Painters: For models where the artist only wants the construction, painting, weathering, and display judged. You can have detailing or conversion work done on a Painters entry, but it won’t be considered by judges.

6.     Ordnance Open: For models for which the artist also wants any conversion, detailing and scratchbuilding judged.

Again: Please use the box provided on the exhibitor form to detail the work you did along the lines above so the judges are aware of all of your efforts. Painters: PLEASE note the manufacturer. The more information you give the judges, the better. LEGIBILITY HELPS ENORMOUSLY. And thanks!